Spray Tanning Frequently Asked Questions


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How does spray tanning work?

Spray tanning actually uses a substance that changes the colour of your own skin, which is called dihydroxyacetone (DHA). The compounds in the spray tanning liquid perform a reaction with proteins in your skin to transform the outermost layer of your own skin, into a tanned colour. It’s much like the process of a natural sun tan, only without the damage and dangers!

“Why am I brown as soon as I’ve been sprayed then?” Well, that’s simple! The compounds that change your skin brown during the chemical reaction are actually colourless, but the spray tan liquid manufacturers put a brown bronzer in the liquid, so spray tanning technicians can actually see where on your body they have sprayed! That bronzer serves no purpose at all, other than to let us see where we have sprayed you, and where we haven’t. That bronzer will actually completely wash off during your very first shower, leaving the colourless spray tan compounds to continue to react and develop on your skin for up to the next 24 hours.

You skin naturally exfoliates over time, and every 35 – 45 days, you have an entirely new epidermis. This is why your spray tan gradually fades – as the skin cells naturally exfoliate off, so does your tan. Moisturising slows the exfoliating process, so the more you moisturise, the longer your tan will last!

Do I need to prepare for my spray tan?

Yes, to get the best results, you should prepare for your spray tan. Please see our Tanning Tips.

Is spray tanning safe?


The active ‘tanning’ ingredient is DHA, a sugar based derivative which reacts with amino acids in the keratin protein of the outer surface (dead) layers of the skin to produce a flawless tan which can last up to 10 days. DHA does not absorb past the dead surface skin cells.

DHA has been used safely in the cosmetic industry for over 30 years, and is FDA and TGA (the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved.

At Glamouresque, we only use the highest quality tanning solutions which have the highest grade DHA.

Please note that spray tans do not provide sun protection. Always be sure to wear SPF 30+ sun protection whilst in the sun.

Will spray tanning make me look orange?

Not at all! The orange-ness is either the result of the old-school days of cosmetic tanning, tanning pills, and older style tanning agents or perhaps the kind of fake tan products you can buy from the supermarket and use at home.At a professional tanning salon like Glamouresque, you will get nothing less than a professional spray tan, with a completely natural golden brown tanned tone!

How long will my spray tan last?

Spray tans will usually last between 5-10 days, however, we cannot offer a guarantee as everyone is different. In order to help your tan last as long as possible, we recommend that you avoid swimming in chlorinated water, saunas, spas, harsh soap, waxing, and laser hair removal.

Following our Tanning Tips will help to prolong your tan.

When your body begins to naturally exfoliate causing the tan to fade away, simply exfoliate your body and book in for a new spray tan.

Can I buy products to help prolong my spray tan?

Yes! At Glamouresque Beauty Boudoir we offer a Vani-T Bronzing Custard that has the same solution as the tan you receive. This means you can extend your tan, darken it or even build a tan from scratch!We also stock Vani-T Body Shampoo which is a body wash that is SLS free and it doesn’t contain any ingredients that will strip your tan.

What should I wear?

You can wear as much or as little as you like. For men we would suggest dark swim trunks or boxer shorts. For women, a dark bikini or dark bra, and knickers or g-string.  We supply disposable g-strings if required. We also sell C-strings if you do not want any nasty tan lines. However, you are also welcome to have your tan topless or nude.As far as what to wear after your spray tan, please check out our Tanning Tips.

Who will apply my tan?

An experienced and fully qualified Glamouresque Beauty Boudoir spray tanning technician will consult with you about your skin type and needs and then apply your spray tan in a private booth with an advanced mist applicator.

What can I do afterwards to make my spray tan last?

Please see our Tanning Tips.

If I am pregnant can I have a spray tan?

Currently, there are no tests or evidence showing that spray tanning during pregnancy is harmful if the spray tanning solution is only applied to the outer layers of the skin. Also, the active ingredient in the tanning solution that gives you your tan is DHA which is made from sugar cane and has no known problems if simply applied to your skin.

However, at Glamouresque, we have a policy that our technicians will not spray anyone who is within the first trimester of their pregnancy because during these first few months there will be significant hormonal changes which can greatly affect the colour result of the spray tan.

If you would like a spray tan during your second and third trimester of your pregnancy, we highly recommend that you consult with your Doctor for more advice on this issue before requesting a spray tanning treatment.

Can I breastfeed and get a spray tan?

If you are breastfeeding we suggest that you leave your bra on while getting a spray tan. Although the solution is made from natural products we recommend not getting your breasts spray tanned.

Can I swim with a spray tan?

Swimming with a spay tan will cause the tan to fade lightly. For the very best results follow the instructions given by the applicator when you receive your spray tan. It is recommended that if you are going for a dip, make it a quick one. The longer you are in the water, the more the tan will fade.

Can I get my face spray tanned?

Yes all Glamouresque spray tanning products are designed for the entire body, including the face. We will supply lip balm to protect your lips during the treatment which can be wiped off to prevent any ingestion of the solution after the treatment.

Will a spray tan stain my clothing or other items?

Most spray tans contain a lot of natural bronzers that will wash out of your clothes in a machine wash. However, it is recommended that you wear loose dark clothing after your spray tan appointment to minimise tan transferring to your clothes

Does sunless spray tanning protect you from the sun?

NO, a sunless spray tan does not protect against UV rays. Sunscreen is still required when outdoors after having a spray tan.

If I look dark after having a spray tan should I be concerned?

NO, the initial colour sprayed on the skin is a guide for the technician to see where they have sprayed onto the body. Most of this residue will wash off when you have a shower.

How long does the spray tan take to develop?

It depends on the solution that is applied. We have a range of tanning solutions available which have development times from as little as 1 hour and up to 8 hours. Discuss your individual tanning requirements and expectations with us prior to your spray tan application.

If there are any other questions, please get in contact with Glamouresque Beauty Boudoir.